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KOPCIUSZEK DAY CARE is not only fun, but also engrains the principles of good manners and right conduct. KOPCIUSZEK DAY CARE teaches, entertains and educates. Years of teaching experience let our teachers easily work with the most demanding pupils. KOPCIUSZEK DAY CARE is a place where children are reluctant to go home in the evening. English classes are designed especially for 4 year olds to prepare children for kindergarten. Rich and interesting curriculum encourage each child to improve their knowledge of the English language.

What are you doing
every day in the morning?
I get up and quickly run!
Where are you going with you mom?
Where my friends are!
At my Kopciuszek,
they are waiting for me,
Learning, working, playing...
Teachers are waiting for me
and plan fun for the whole day.
Quickly, Mom! Quickly, Dad!
Here's a hug for all of that!

Preschool Licensed by the Department of Health.
Staff teachers have certifications: CPR and First Aid.

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